About: Our Mission & Services

614906_1580135938869402_7116109176227176414_oHi There ! I am James Williamson and I want to welcome you to our promotion’s and productions web blog site ! I am an Internet Tech and an Entertainer .934886_1591939124355750_247897352448603091_n

Our goal @jamesnoePromotionsandproductions is to help you reach your dreams by forming mutually profitable partnerships. I never believed in the No-Win Situation and Never-Will ! As our Tag line says: We Love the Way You Dream ! Nothing is impossible when you put your best efforts into your endeavor ! Go that Extra Mile; we never settle for less then the best and neither should our clients ! Recognizing that no Artist or Entertainer would settle for less then the Best, we simply have to do our best to back up our clients ! If that means Extra Days to assist in your success, Financially taking risks in Sound Idea’s or Pushing the Envelope to uncover entertainers that deserve attention from the general public….

      Then:                                      SO BE IT !


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